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Health care

The structure of the healthcare has been reshaped. There are 40 inter-district centers and 13 special oblast centers in Vitebsk Oblast. A mobile medical diagnostic system has been established, too.

As of today, over 200 high-technology methods of diagnostics and treatment of various diseases are applied in practice. The local healthcare facilities perform minimally invasive heart, thoracic, abdominal, orthopedic, trauma, cancer, eye, and other kinds of surgeries.

The X-ray operating room of the endovascular surgery department of the Vitebsk Oblast Clinic Hospital provides 24/7 interventional cardiology services.

Vitebsk Oblast surgeons perform kidney, aorta, and corneal transplantation.

Every first aid station is fitted with software and hardware systems operating the emergency call service.

The electronic monitoring system has been developed for patients with high-risk acute coronary syndrome, diabetes, cancer, and people affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

A regional center for medical data processing has been established at the Vitebsk Oblast Diagnostic Center to provide access to electronic health records and exchange data between healthcare facilities.

An e-prescription information system is in operation in the region.

The region also boasts the system of telemed consultations.

Vitebsk Oblast healthcare institutions annually provide medical services to about 18,000 foreign nationals.

The Vitebsk Oblast Clinical Hospital and the Vitebsk Oblast Cardiology Center are fitted with new angiographic equipment to use intravascular methods of diagnostics and treatment to reduce the risk of a heart attack or blood stroke, minimize complications from these diseases.

Specialists of the cardiosurgery department at the Vitebsk Oblast Clinical Hospital annually perform more than 1,000 heart surgeries, including coronary artery bypass surgeries, correction of cardiac defects and heart rhythm disorders, reconstructive surgeries on arteries, heart, etc. Using cutting-edge video endoscopes local doctors perform minimally invasive heart surgeries. It helps reduce the period of recovery and minimize complications so that patients can return to normal life very quickly.

The ambulance service is equipped with modern devices for instant diagnostics of acute myocardial infarction. It has necessary equipment to provide comprehensive pre-hospital aid and take patients with acute myocardial infarction to hospital.

The cancer treatment service is evolving. Cancer treatment and diagnostics facilities of the Vitebsk Oblast Clinical Oncology Center meet international standards. Screening tests help detect precancerous lesions and pathology at early stages, which is one of the main preconditions for their successful treatment.

A breast center at the Vitebsk Oblast Diagnostic Center boasts cutting-edge digital mammographers and ultrasound diagnostic equipment.

Vitebsk Oblast has everything necessary for efficient medical rehabilitation and recuperation of children and adults. There are 40 rehabilitation units in region. The major ones include Zheleznyaki at the Vitebsk Oblast Cardiology Health Center, Krupenino at the Vitebsk Oblast Neurological Diagnostic Center, Lyos at the Orsha Central Clinic, Yurtsevo at the hospital for disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the children’s rehabilitation and recuperation centers Zhemchuzhina (Lepel District), Vetraz (Postavy District), Raduga (Liozno District).

The mortality rate in Vitebsk Oblast went down from 16.7 per 1,000 persons in 2010 to 14.6 per 1,000 persons in 2016. In H1 2017, the number of deaths made up 99.9% as compared to the same period last year.

The maternal mortality rate in Vitebsk Oblast has been reduced zero.

For the past six years the life expectancy has increased by 3.8 years to 73.3 years (69.5 years in 2010, 72.9 years in 2015).

The recent progress has contributed to the sustainable social and economic development of the region and the country in general.