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Belarusian regional mass media encouraged to improve information work strategy

04.05.2019 Regional mass media should improve the strategy of information work. Vitebsk Oblast Governor Nikolai Sherstnev made the relevant statement as he met with representatives of regional and nationwide mass media, directors of printing houses on 4 May.

The meeting was arranged on the occasion of the Day of Printed Media, the Day of Radio, Television, and Communications Workers. The governor said: “Due to the present-day reality we have to focus on improving the strategy of information work. At the modern stage of development of media space the information influence of conventional mass media and online resources, social channels tends to get redistributed.”

In his words, while the Internet has a certain advantage in delivering news fast, the attention of conventional media should be directed towards delivering quality editorial analysis. Reporters should not just report and illustrate events. They should look deep into ongoing events. The head of the Vitebsk Oblast administration believes that a strong professional team has been formed in the regional mass media environment. Knowledge and intellect, honesty and decency, objectivity and truthfulness of the people working to prepare and distribute information are determining traits in this work.

“You contribute to shaping the society's mood, to shaping the oblast's image for the rest of the country. The accomplishment of these tasks requires a conscientious attitude to the work. As the head of the oblast administration it is very important for me to see reporters as helpers with constructive attitudes able to cover the real state of affairs at the local level,” Nikolai Sherstnev stressed. Working on new topics, it is important to step up the level of delivery of information from the technical point of view and from the point of view of content. It is important to awake the interest of people of different ages and moods, to keep readers, viewers, and listeners, the governor believes.


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