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Investors sought for over 20 historical legacy properties in Vitebsk Oblast


The Vitebsk Oblast branch of the State Property Committee has put together a database listing historical and cultural legacy objects, which are located in Vitebsk Oblast and can be promoted before potential investors, BelTA has learned.

The database includes over 20 mansions, countryside homes, and religious buildings dating back primarily to the 18-19th centuries. They are not used by their owners and are offered to potential investors, who are ready to put efforts into preserving the specimens of architectural legacy and the unique terrain and parks around them. The properties can be sold, leased, or gifted to investors for specific investment projects. Information about the real estate properties will be published on websites of government agencies, business associations, and organizations that specialize in working with investors.

The database lists three ancient manors and countryside homes located in Miory District, Glubokoye District, and Senno District each, two properties in Vitebsk and Polotsk each, and eight properties in rural areas in eight other districts.

For instance, a homestead of the nobility in the village of Vidzy-Lovchinskiye, Braslav District is one of the properties available to investors. The homestead is a specimen of the historical and cultural legacy dating back to the 18th century. This piece of real estate includes two buildings with the total area of over 1,100m2, a land plot as large as 5ha with a source of mineral water located on the shore of Lake Dvornoye.

Potential investors are invited to restore the homestead in order to start up a business specializing either in sanatorium treatment thanks to the nearby source of mineral water and sapropel mud or in recreation and entertainment with a focus on national cultural traditions of the 18th century.


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