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Nikolai Sherstnev: Big companies can give a powerful incentive to the development of the regions

13.03.2018 Big companies can give a powerful incentive to the development of the regions. It is up to the municipal government to enable attractive conditions for serious businessmen in the regions.

The opinion was expressed by Vitebsk Oblast Governor Nikolai Sherstnev as he commented on the report the central government, the central bank, the oblast administrations, and the Minsk city administration presented to the head of state to inform him about economy performance in 2017 and the tasks meant to ensure sustainable economic growth. The governor noted that uneven development of the regions affects living standards of the nation in negative ways. It is necessary to address the situation. Attracting investors is one of the effective ways. At present enterprising people are mostly concentrated in and around Minsk.

“Unfortunately, businessmen are not exactly willing to develop manufacturing in the provinces. There is a number of subjective and objective reasons behind it. Municipal government agencies and the central government should act together to enable attractive conditions in the regions for small and big businesses, domestic and foreign ones. By the way, Vitebsk Oblast has already been able to attract considerable investments. For instance, the tinned iron factory, which is being built in Miory, will be a huge enterprise with investments at €250 million,” said the head of the Vitebsk Oblast administration.

According to Nikolai Sherstnev, the development of the regions relies on the government policy on supporting the regions and on efforts to attract considerable private investments into the regions. “Both are equally important. State support stands for the construction of new roads, assistance with manufacturing enterprises of crucial importance for the country. The arrival of Belarusian and foreign businesses means new high-performance jobs with good salaries. It means good revenues for the state budget, a stronger social sphere, the development of the region and better living standards of Belarusians as a whole,” concluded the governor.


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