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There are 252 agricultural organizations in Vitebsk Oblast. They produce 13% of Belarus’ agricultural output. As many as 14.7% of the country’s agricultural workers are employed in the agricultural industry in the region.  The leading agricultural sector is animal breeding. Milk production, cattle and poultry farming account for the largest share of the agricultural output.

Agricultural lands occupy 1,279.4 hectares, including 798,200 hectares of arable lands (62.4% of them ploughed).

Grains and legumes occupy 43.7% of cropped areas, industrial crops - 12.2%, potatoes and vegetables - 0.3%, forage crops - 43.8%.

As part of the effort to optimize the structure of agribusiness and increase the production efficiency, four integrated companies have been set up at Vitebsk Meat-Packing Plant, Glubokoye Feed Factory, Orsha Bread-Baking Plant, and Polotsk Bread-Baking Plant.

The integrated companies are legal entities which comprise a manufacturer of agricultural products, a grain processing enterprise, a milk processing plant, and a meat processing plant. They also operate retail chains and sell high value-added finished products in Belarus and abroad.

The formation of integrated companies is the best way to develop agribusiness in Vitebsk Oblast. It helps ensure Belarus’ food safety and increase the economic efficiency of production.