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Improvement of Latvian-Belarusian cross-border accessibility and connectivity through simplified border crossing point Kaplava-Plusi"

Project Nr. LLB-5-254 " Improvement of Latvian-Belarusian cross-border accessibility and connectivity through simplified border crossing point Kaplava-Plusi" (the Neighbour's road) is financed by the European Union within the limits of the Program of cross border cooperation "Latvia- Lithuania –Belarus" of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership instrument.

Program of cross border cooperation "Latvia- Lithuania –Belarus"

The Program of cross border cooperation "Latvia- Lithuania –Belarus" is realised within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership instrument, is the successor of the Priority IIIA South of the Program of Good Neighbourhood INTERREG III B of the region of Baltic sea for the period 2007 – 2013. The general strategic target of the Program is the improvement of territorial unity of Latvian, Lithuanian and Belarus boundary region, warranting the high level protection of the environment, maintenance of economic and social well-being and also assistance to intercultural dialogue and cultural variety.

The Program includes participation of Latgale region in Latvia; Panevezhis, Utena, Vilnius, Alitus and Kaunas districts in Lithuania; Vitebsk, Grodno, Mogilyov, Minsk areas and the city of Minsk in Belarus. Joint control of the Program is performed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lithuanian Republic. The Program web site is:

The project budget of «the Neighbour's road» is:

the general budget - 511 755,34 euros,

the budget of the Belarus part - 251 094 euros including EU part - 225 984,60 euros

Duration of the project: 10 months

The supervising partner of the project is the Kraslavsky Regional Dome (Latvia)

Project partners:

· 2 partner (BY): Braslav district executive committee

· 3 partner (LV): the State Boarder Guard Daugavpils administration

· 4 partner (BY): the State Boarder Committee of the Republic of Belarus

· 5 partner (BY): Committee on economy of Vitebsk regional executive committee

Project overall aim:

To promote accessibility and cooperation of Latvian-Belarus bordering areas.

The special purpose of the project:

To improve the roads accessibility of neighbours on either side of the Latvian and Belarus border, directing to the simplified border crossing point Kaplava-Plusi, to equip the points of crossing Kaplava-Plusi and to increase the level of knowledge of local residents about the simplified procedure.

the Project actions are divided into 3 groups:

1 group of actions: management, coordination, communications:

· Organisation of sessions of the steering committee and working groups of the project;

· Actions for communications: the publication of 10 press releases, 10 articles in mass-media, 6 TV-radio transfers on the project achievements, release of 2000 info sheets.

2 group of actions:

· Organization of 2 boundary seminars for 120 employees (60 persons from each side);

· Creation of 79 information points on simplified procedure of crossing the border in Latvia and Belarus accessible for 78 875 local residents in border areas in Belarus and 169 176 local residents in border areas of Latvia;

· Edition and distribution of 2000 information sheets about the simplified crossing of the border point in Latvia and Belarus on information points, consulates, among local residents. Information sheets will be prepared in electronic form for publishing at information points or placings on 11 web sites in case of necessity and editing of necessary additional information;

· Improvement of minimum 11 web sites for placing new rules on simplified crossing of the border;

. organisation of one poll on 300 persons crossing the border to make an estimation of results of activity and about conditions of crossing the border, availability of the information about the simplified procedure of crossing the border.

3 group of actions:

· Reconstruction of a road of 1,65 km at a stage Vecborne-Matuli?ki in Kraslava municipality, LV, 1,5 km of the road Pljussi - the Latvian border in Braslav area, BY;

· Parking place reconstruction (600 m2) for 8-10 cars nearby Kaplava-Plusi on Belarus side;

· Equipment of point of Kaplava - Plussi in Latvia (2 personal computers, video observation chambers, a laser fax, the Spectral magnifier, the reader of documents, the digital chamber); equipment of point of crossing Kaplava-Plussi in Belarus (3 desktop computers, the reader of documents, 3 routers, 2 modems, 2 webcams, 2 laptops, multipurpose devices, the fax, the conditioner, the device for detailed examination of documents, 2 devices for operative control of documents, 2 devices for inspection, digital video chamber, hydrophore for water supply, a TV and a chamber photo, 3 office tables and 3 chairs).