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The industrial complex

The industrial complex of Vitebsk Oblast comprises about 1,200 organizations with more than 111,000 employees. The region accounts for 100% Belarus’ output of dolomite powder, 99% of linen fabrics, 98.4% of carpets, 44.2% of footwear, 27.2% of flax fibers, 19.1% of vegetable oil, 13.6% of meat and edible by-products, and 11% of sausages.

The region actively works to launch the manufacture of new products. In 2015, innovative products accounted for more than a half of the output of the Orsha-based plant Metallist, OAO Vizas Works, and the enterprise Polimerkonstruktsiya. These factories offer metal forms and installations, computer-operated metal-cutting devices, and water treatment facilities.

The companies of the region are focused on raising the competitiveness and quality of their products.

To make the manufacturing enterprises more efficient, Vitebsk Oblast has been taking measures to retrofit and modernize production facilities. Large-scale technical upgrade projects are underway at OAO Naftan, Orsha Linen Mill, and municipal meat processing enterprises. The fur factory is also under renovation.