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As of January 1, 2020, there are 31,288 small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the oblast (1026 more than a year earlier due to an increase in the number of individual entrepreneurs), including 8.600 legal entities (of which 7349 are micro -, 985 - small, 238 - medium-sized organizations) and 22 716 individual entrepreneurs.

The largest number of created organizations choose trade and public catering (25% of all created), industry - 20%, agriculture - 11%, transport activity - 11%, construction - 7%.

In the manufacturing sector, organizations are operating in sawing and planning wood; the production of underwear; plastic products; flexible stone and facade panels; wooden containers and others.

In Vitebsk Oblast, a network of small and medium-sized business support infrastructure entities has been created and is operating, consisting of 8 business support centers (3 in Vitebsk, 2 in Orsha region, 1 each in Novopolotsk, Polotsk and Glubokoe) and 3 small business incubators ”Law and order“ (in Vitebsk, Orsha and Polotsk), advising on financial literacy, taxation, labor protection, export activities, provide marketing, accounting, legal services.

The functions of the base center are performed by CUPE “Vitebsk Oblast Marketing Center” (arranges republican exhibitions, fairs, international forums, business conferences, concludes regional and international agreements with subjects of countries near and far abroad, provides outsourcing services, etc.).